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About our company.

Established in 2010, PT.Tata Global Sentosa (TASEN) was originally a manufacturer specializing in baby diapers. This factory stands on an area of 2 hectares, since the start of this company, PT . Tata Global Sentosa (TASEN) has grown rapidly, our commitment to prioritizing customer satisfaction has served as a solid foundation for the company’s growth and expansion.

We started the baby diaper business with the investment of 3 main machines to support the business as demand increases. Our first brand is POKANA, Our capacity reaches more than 35.ooo.ooo pcs diapers / month and already have more than 700 employees, we continue to expand our products in this HYGIENE field to the Medical Mask industry for adults and children. All of our masks are produced in a clean and hygienic environment.

All of our medical masks are standardized with appropriate health standards for European countries and we also have CE and FDA certificates. Our medical mask production capacity reaches more than 50,000,000 pcs masks/month.

We have an official license from the Ministry of Health, Republic of Indonesia we have complied and certified according to the standards of ISO MEDIC 13485-2016, ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 10993-2018 and SNI.


PT Tata Global Sentosa will be the #1 industrial HYGIENE company in Indonesia, with all trusted products & known as “Lifestyle Brand” worldwide


To gain the trust of consumers around the world, to always create high quality products with the most unique and creative product designs. We will always grow and continue to innovate to create quality products that are inspiring and creative. We want to offer more than just the usual hygienic products.



2013 – Until Now Produce Baby Diaper Pant

This year is the first year of PT. Tata Global Sentosa Tasen issued its own product under the brand name “POKANA”. Pokana produces several types of packaging and different designs of each type,

Founder of PT. Tata Global Sentosa Tasen is committed to providing very high quality products and has its own characteristics that are different from other products.

2018 – Until Now Wipes Product Expansion

In 2018 PT. Tata Global Sentosa Tasen presents the latest product in the form of wet wipes that have a super cute packaging design with various packaging variants following the color of the Pokana character. POKANA Hygiene Wipes are now available in 4 variants, namely:

  1. Dr. Pingu Anti Bacterial No Fragrance with Benzolkanium Chloride
  2. Dr. Cacoon Anti Bacterial Soft Fragrance with tea tree oil content
  3. Croco Pure Water No Fragrance for hands and mouth
  4. Chick2 Pure Water Fragrance for wet tissue when changing diapers

All Pokana wipes are safe for your little one to use because they do not contain alcohol and are paraben free. Pokana Hygiene wipes with 2 types, namely fragrance and no fragrence, made of 99% pure water, without alcohol with soft hygienic ingredients so it is very safe and mothers don’t have to worry about their little one’s skin getting irritated.

2020 – 2021 Mask Production

From 2019 when the covid virus outbreak came, PT Tata Global Sentosa Tasen took the initiative to produce masks to prevent exposure to the virus, which was increasing day by day. In 2020, PT. Tata Global Sentosa Tasen focuses on continuing to innovate in mask products, ranging from medical masks to non-medical masks, as for several types of mask packaging ranging from POKANA MASK to Thankful Masks. 2 The product continues to produce new products. In 2021 there will be more competition for healthcare needs.

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We work every day to put our knowledge and skills at the service of people, by creating and providing products that help people make their lives better.

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