POKANA 4D KF94 Earloop Medical Face Mask brings you quality masks. This mask from POKANA is designed with an Earloop model which has an elastic strap that is comfortable when placed on the ear. This mask is equipped with several layers of filters that can protect you from dust, pollution, bacteria, viruses and other small particles. The design and material meet quality standards, making it suitable as a
It is a fashionable medical mask with 6 LAYER protection that can protect the risk of exposure from viruses, dust, vehicle fumes, air pollution, bacteria. Equipped with HIGH performance BFE meltblown which can filter 99.9% to 100% of particles measuring 0.3 micron. Using hygienic and allergy-free materials with Form Fit Design Nose-Piece so that it is comfortable to use and covers the nose perfectly. Stay Fashionable with MEDICAL masks