2018 – Until Now Wipes Product Expansion

In 2018 PT. Tata Global Sentosa Tasen presents the latest product in the form of wet wipes that have a super cute packaging design with various packaging variants following the color of the Pokana character. POKANA Hygiene Wipes are now available in 4 variants, namely:

  1. Dr. Pingu Anti Bacterial No Fragrance with Benzolkanium Chloride
  2. Dr. Cacoon Anti Bacterial Soft Fragrance with tea tree oil content
  3. Croco Pure Water No Fragrance for hands and mouth
  4. Chick2 Pure Water Fragrance for wet tissue when changing diapers

All Pokana wipes are safe for your little one to use because they do not contain alcohol and are paraben free. Pokana Hygiene wipes with 2 types, namely fragrance and no fragrence, made of 99% pure water, without alcohol with soft hygienic ingredients so it is very safe and mothers don’t have to worry about their little one’s skin getting irritated.